Like a flower and a current of air

Solo exhibition at Front Gallery in Houston, TX including oil paintings and ceramics which I made in collaboration with Lindsey Wohlgemuth. I presented Nine Postcards and a Love Letter, a limited edition risograph artist book printed by The Center for Imaginative Cartography and Research and translated to Spanish by Irene de la Torre. Special thanks to Sharon Engelstein and Aaron Parazette.

“Featuring small-scale paintings, hand built ceramic vessels, videos and a risograph printed zine, Like a Flower and a Current of Air at Front Gallery is a homecoming of sorts for Madrid-based artist Lauren Moya Ford. After earning her MFA from the University of Houston, Moya Ford moved to Europe to continue her art making and research into storytelling, her personal history and natural life. This show is a culmination of some of her findings.”

-Brandon Zech & John Forse, Glasstire, October 5, 2017