New Hands on Old World Flowers

Solo exhibition at Big Medium in Austin, TX curated by Kevin McNamee-Tweed about new weather, unsent letters, mist, superstition, gardens, and doomed romance. The show featured my gouache paintings, videos, ceramic vessels, fabric and wood sculptures, artists books, and a performance of Recuerdos, a reading and photographic slideshow about my experiences living as a foreigner in Galicia, Spain. Poemas Galegos was risograph printed by The Center for Imaginative Cartography and Research, and Passage. is available here.

“Originally from Florida, Lauren Moya Ford grew up in Texas and recently moved to the city of Vigo in Galicia, the northwest region of Spain. Her exhibition New Hands on Old World Flowers is a comprehensive record and thoughtful reflection of her time spent in Spain. Her experiences there manifest themselves in the form of paintings, drawings, video, books, ceramics, quilts, and even performance. Ford’s book Passage reads like a travel journal—a series of observations that casually transform into poetic recollections, much like the exhibition as a whole.”

-Rebecca Marino, Conflict of Interest, August 8, 2016

Video by The Center for Imaginative Cartography and Research

This video was made in collaboration with Brenda Cruz-Wolf, and the ceramics with Jessica Ninci.